Hi, I’m Claire

With a love for movement and well being, I am devoted to helping others enhance their self-care routines, including athletic fitness, physical longevity and whole nutrition.

My personal training is based on performance enhancement and recovery training. What does that mean — a better you, that can move and play and work and function for a higher quality of life.

Training Expertise

As a follower of Mark Verstegen’s human performance mindset for over 10 years, I am a trained EXOS Performance Specialist with numerous hours of education in building physical and mental strength, flexibility, power, endurance and nutritional health.

After several years of working with clients and seeing what kinds of injuries my own friends were suffering, I furthered my education by becoming certified as FRCms (Functional Range Certified mobility specialist), FRA (Functional Range Assessment) and KINSTRETCH (group fitness) instructor. Developed by Dr. Andreo Spina, Functional Anatomy Seminar training is used by physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers and many professional and scholastic teams and corporations. By addressing mobility and functional strength lost through our modern life of sitting too much at work and school, FRC and KINSTRETCH training makes healthier joints and muscles that are better protected from the possibility of injury. COMING SOON: I’m registered for the very first FRS Internal Strength Model Certification Seminar in November 2021!

In 2020, after suffering from debilitating and unexplained neck pain, I reached out to an FRC certified physical therapist that was also trained by the Postural Restoration Institute. He was able to successfully address cranial pain issues and chronic lower back pain caused by hip surgery as a child and a ruptured disk in my 40’s, as well as foot pain that developed from long hours walking during Covid lockdown. It was eye opening and a life changer for me and so in 2021, I embarked in training in PRI’s Myokinematic Restoration (March), Pelvis Restoration (April) and Postural Respiration (May) and participated in their Annual Symposium on Basal Ganglia Diseases (Parkinsonian Disorders). Based on the fact that we has humans do many repetitive motions and make a lifetime of patterned movements that are not necessarily good for our bodies, it addresses the imbalances that occur from these repeated patterns to get you back in a balanced state.

Today my personal training is a combination of all of these things. Any client of mine, regardless if their goals are weight loss or injury rehab, will find that their training sessions always have a holistic approach. Together we address muscle imbalances, missing range of motion, improper walking mechanics, loss of balance, low energy levels, and pain mitigation and prevention at the same time as building general strength for movement, bone density, metabolic health and disease prevention.

    Love of sport

    While tennis might be my current sport of choice, and where I get my inspiration for additional learning, I love a variety of activities. I rode horses competitively for the first half of my life, I love biking, hiking, and strength work in the gym. Likewise, I have worked with a variety of clients of all ages that equally vary in their sporting and/or fitness goals. From rehabbing overuse injuries in weekend warriors to helping office workers lose weight, feel better, stronger and more energetic, I’m committed to helping anyone that wants to move, feel and perform better.

    In addition to personal training, I am busy as the accountant for the Western Wake Tennis Association and a huge volunteer for the Cary Tennis Park wheelchair tennis program. As if that’s not enough, I have two young teens and a Rhodesian Ridgeback that keep me on my toes!

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