KINSTRETCH®. “A movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion.” FRC is Kinstretch, but on a one-to-one format. You can find videos of Kinstretch and FRC here.

Ok, so what does that mean? Kinstretch and FRC are aimed at building strength at your current end ranges of motion. Yoga works to passively move you into stretches of your muscles and weight lifting often builds in your mid-ranges. But FRC and Kinstretch will simultaneously increase your end range while AND your capacity for load at that end range. This is important because lack of mobility and strength at end range are so often a factor in injuries. The following video is me explaining why you need to move your joints to their end ranges daily through CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations) which is your personal starting point.

From there you will work through Kinstretch and FRC to make you range bigger and stronger. Below is an example of me teaching CARs. They are part of every Kinstretch class as well as Functional Range Assessments.

How is this different from Physical Therapy? I am not diagnosing injuries or providing initial post operative care. Instead FRC is the perfect plan to get you from Physical Therapy bands and treatments and really back into the game of life. If you have ever injured yourself, completed PT and still felt an unease with getting back to your favorite activities, you most likely still have some work to be done. FRC helps you rebuild the neuromuscular connection to eliminate pain signals that may not still be qualified. It also addresses muscular imbalances from atrophy during the injured period and joint movement limitations that make have caused the injury in the first place through a progression of isometric to eccentric exercises. These exercises are controlled by you and therefore keep you from re-injuring yourself while you progress. In this next video I explain the difference between passive and active ranges of motion – this is what we develop in Kinstretch!

How do you teach Kinstretch? Based on the same principles as FRC, Kinstretch is just the application in a group or online setting. Classes are different every time and randomly address various joints and weaknesses. So over time you get full body work, but most often we will address the most common issues which are in hips and shoulders. You can also find “homework” through Kinstretch classes when you discover programming that addresses your personal needs. I started teaching Kinstretch during the Covid-19 lockdown and so rolling it out has been a little tricky as I found getting a group together on the same day and same time was complicated. But I will be rolling out an online class format in mid-June with a subscription for classes on a monthly basis. These are pre-taped and can be taken on your own schedule. I provide regular feedback if you have questions and am available if you have specific issues or would like to talk more in-depth. When gyms open back up in North Carolina, I also plan to teach Kinstretch live at Excel Body Fitness.

How do you teach FRC? FRC is programmed into personal training sessions. You are assessed through a set of defined movements and limitations in movement and joint space are determined to build a program for improvement. Often times FRC “homework” can be developed so that you can work on your deficits on your own between appointments. I currently provide personal training directly at your home and I offer sessions in a gym setting at Excel Body Fitness in Morrisville, NC.

If you are interested in working with me as an FRC provider or personal trainer or would like more information joining the online Kinstretch class subscription, please send me an email.

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